What Should I Do To Keep My Restaurant Business Moving Forward?

If you’ve decided to make 2016 the year that you move your restaurant business forward, it’s time to figure out which steps you need to take in order to get on the path of perpetual expansion. Below you will find three simple, highly effective strategies that can keep your restaurant business moving forward:

1. Update Your Menus.

Although restaurant business owners oftentimes look at the big picture when they develop growth strategies, they sometimes forget the importance of remembering the small things. Yet doing something as small and simple as updating your menus can make a big difference in the overall impression that customers have of your company. You can purchase new drink menu covers and other menu products from online companies like Menu Designs.

2. Take Over Social Media.

If you’re serious about ensuring that your restaurant business moves forward, it’s time to take over the social media sector. People all over the world now log into online communities like Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends, do business, shop, or promote a cause. Take advantage of this reality by promoting your restaurant through these channels in clever, cutting edge ways. Many businesses have found it effective to hose contests with promotional prizes, coupons, or some other brand-related gift through social media. In many cases, business owners have been able to expand their sphere of influence, broaden their base of loyal customers, and develop new business partners in this way.

3. Network, Network, Network.

Networking will play an integral role in your company’s growth process. And to ensure that you make the most of this expansion technique, it’s important to practice your approach. One great way to ensure that you’re interfacing with others effectively is through the development of a brief, 30-second speech in which you introduce yourself and give a short overview of your brand purpose and scope. Also remember to have your business cards on hand when you go out to a networking event. Finally, try to figure out which regions of town your target market tends to gravitate towards and meet them there.


If you want your business to move forward this year, it’s time to figure out which strategies will help you optimize conversion, connect with clients, and outperform all of your competitors. Each of the business techniques found above can help you realize these objectives, so start implementing them now!

The New Year

Bring on the New Year (free clip art)

Bring on the New Year (free clip art)

I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve celebration! We had a small party here at home; all participants stayed the night. Good music, good food, good company. Everyone brought some food to share, and no one got obnoxiously drunk, nothing got broken, no one got sick. So I’d say that was a pretty good party!

Three Benefits to Hiring an Expert Witness

If you’re struggling to gain the upper hand in a court case, an expert witness might be just what you’re looking for. There are a number of possible benefits to hiring an expert witness; if used correctly, they can practically win the case for you.

  • 1. An expert witness can present the facts in an easy to understand way.
    Expert witnesses can explain extremely strict technical details in a way that the general population can understand. When complicated subjects like toxicology, mechanics, and other fields of study related to the case arise, an expert witness can present the facts in a clear and concise way. Sometimes the jury’s understanding of these facts can make all the difference in their decision.
  • 2. An expert witness can intimidate the opposition.
    Some people will take a case to court simply because they believe it will be an easy win for them. However, when they see severe opposition, such as an expert witness on the stand, they may agree to settle outside of the courtroom. This can save you both a lot of time and money.
  • 3. An expert witness inspires trust.
    Because the expert witness can help either side of the case, he must remain impartial and unbiased at all times. This instills a sense of trust in the jury, who rely on the witness to provide them with the information they need. In a courtroom, the primary pursuit should always be the truth. If an expert witness is better able to provide this, then their services should be used.

Finding the right expert witness for your case can make all the difference. Whether you’re in a higher court or just working in a small, local court, an expert witness can still present the facts of a case in an easy to understand way. Look for expert witness services near you to find someone who may be able to help you win your case. Seek out a witness who understands the full duties of the task given them, and has a basic understand of legal terminology and rulings. An experienced expert witness can turn the tide of a trial.

A Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea

I’ve been thinking that a nice Christmas gift for the wife would be a get-a-way at one of the nicer Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts come summer. We are expecting a nice tax refund check this up and coming spring, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than the two of us spending a long weekend at Myrtle Beach, soaking up the sun on the beach and on the golf course. Many of the Myrtle Beach Resorts offer golf packages that seem right nice and affordable.

We haven’t gotten away, just the two of us in so long. I think it would be a good thing for us both. I’m banking on using the Internet and Googling “Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach” and seeing what I can come up with on such short notice. With such horrible weather conditions outside today it seems that it would be a good way to spend the day looking around online.

We will see what I can come up with, maybe print off some of the information that I find and put it in an envelope and put it under the tree for her on Christmas morning. That should be a smile on her face and when she is happy, I’m happy as well!

Should You be a Truck Driver Employee or Owner Operator?

There are tons of advantages to choosing truck driving as a career path, including the independence, the opportunity to see all parts of the country, and the great pay. But have you ever contemplated the choice between being a truck driver employee versus an owner operator? Here are some points to consider to identify which avenue is best for you.

Employee Truck Driver

Being a truck driver employee has plenty of benefits. Perhaps one of the biggest is the fact that you don’t have to find your own work. The organization that you work for will find the work for you, then pay you to do it. You are able to use their truck, so you don’t have to buy it, and pay for the maintenance and insurance that goes along with it. You can get benefits along with regular pay, including paid sick time, vacation time, and health insurance.

Owner Operator

Not everyone wants to work for another, and instead prefer to be their own boss. In this case, becoming an owner operator may be the better option. With this career path, you’ll own your own big rig and secure your own work. Of course, you’ll have much more financial responsibility compared to a truck driver employee, including your own maintenance costs, insurance expenses, and fuel expenses. However, being your own boss can be very rewarding and flexible.

Finding Jobs

Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll always find it relatively easy to find employee and owner operator jobs. The trucking industry is a lucrative one, and is a job that’s always needed and in demand. As such, you’ll have a great deal of job security which should give you greta peace of mind knowing that you’ll never become obsolete.