Buying things over the Internet

Man trying to deal with economics (free clip art)

Man trying to deal with economics (free clip art)

This economy has “us” in quite a quandary, doesn’t it? We all want to support our local businesses, because if don’t support them they will close down and we will lose our jobs. Yet our local businesses don’t pay us a living wage, so we are forced to buy things for less money over the Internet! What a catch 22 that is! We need the large corporations to stop shipping our jobs overseas. We are already in deep financial trouble, and we need to work HERE on our shores!

Making a house into a home

window planters (free clip art)

window planters (free clip art)

One thing I am really proud of is the way my house looks. I have been working hard to improve its appearance and it’s finally paying off. When I bought the house, the front porch was in bad shape. The wood was rotten and in desperate need of repair. It took awhile, but I got it all replaced and painted. As good as it looked, there was still something missing.

One of my neighbors suggested that we add some foliage to the porch. I thought about it for awhile and decided he was right. That’s when I started looking into purchasing some Window Box Planters to install on the porch. I was glad I did as it made all the difference. The view from the street is much improved and our house looks like a home.

Since that worked out so well, I decided to stick with a good thing and purchased a Decorative Planter to put in the backyard. That worked out great as well and so I got some Outdoor Planters to enhance the overall décor of our house. I am very satisfied with the way our house looks now. It’s surprising how a little greenery can make a big difference in the way your home feels. I like coming home and seeing the results of my labor, it’s a great feeling!

Complaint About Solicitor -The Basic Facts

In this modern day and age, people still think that they are not able to complain about the poor service they receive from their legal representatives and that what ever they are told by their solicitor they should simply accept. Those days are long gone. Today anyone can file a complaint about a solicitor.

However, before one jumps in and files a complaint about a solicitor there are certain matters one needs to understand.

  • When clients are told what they do not want to hear, it does not mean that the solicitor is wrong or provided bad service.
  • It is not always a good idea to change from one solicitor to another. Clients should consider it carefully, However if there is a good reason to do so, it is best to do it as early as possible in the case.
  • It is not possible to have two solicitors representing a person on the same case. Before cancelling the services of the current solicitor, make sure there is a new one to take over the case. It is hard to find a solicitor taking over the work of a previous solicitor. With this in mind, it is very important to ensure that you choose the best solicitor right from the start.

The Right Way to Complain About Solicitor

  • The first obvious step would be for a client to complain or make known his or her dissatisfaction to the solicitor dealing with the case. In many instances, that is all that is needed to clear the unhappiness.
  • In many instances a verbal complaint is sufficient. However it is always best to make a complaint in writing. It is good practice to allow the solicitor eight weeks to reply or respond to the complaints of a client.
  • Be clear about the reason for the complaint and provide as much detail as possible. In addition, it must be clear what outcome a client would require to turn around the dissatisfaction.
  • If this step does not help and the client is still dissatisfied, a complaint about the solicitor can be filed at the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SOS will gladly assist in this process and consider it to take over the file.

Reasons to Complain About Solicitor

  • Making false claims about their success
  • Poor service
  • Poor advice
  • Charging unreasonable fees
  • Charging for work not done
  • Taking too long to deal with a case
  • Do not reply or respond to communication
  • Missing deadlines
  • Not communicating progress
  • Accepting compensation claims without discussing it with a client

When making use of a solicitor one expects to receive good professional legal advice and trust the solicitor to provide just that. In the event where matters turn out to be amiss, it can cause a client a range of serious problems and add to the financial costs.

SOS has a professional team of legal experts that is competent and passionate about client services and their profession. They will provide you with the best advice on how to file complaint about solicitor.

Halloween Candy

Halloween candy (free clip art)

Halloween candy (free clip art)

We get a lot of trick-or-treaters out here in the suburbs. We have to buy a LOT of candy, and little toys. Rarely do we have any left over at the end of the night! Sometimes we run out of candy and toys and then we start giving out quarters instead of candy! I can remember how much fun we used to have as kids, dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. I hate that in the recent past there have been reports of people trying to hurt kids by tampering with their treats. People that do that kind of thing are rotten to the core!


No smoking (free clip art)

No smoking (free clip art)

One thing that is a no-brainer is a study that was released by two U.S. teams that researched the health effects of public smoking. Both teams found dramatically lower heart attack rates in areas where public smoking was banned. The studies site the effects of second hand smoke on women and children.

The debate still rages on as smokers claim their rights to smoke wherever they choose. The recent smoking bans in bars and restaurants have outraged many who feel that smoking is their right. I think the beginning of the end for smokers is drawing ever closer and soon we will be rid of this nuisance.