My friend and I

A couple of months ago, I had some new neighbors move in next door. Their names are Bob and Gail. As I was getting to know Bob, I discovered that we are both enthusiastic about guns. Since that time, we have talked many times about our shared interest. It just so happens that both Bob and I own AR15s. We have become good friends and like to discuss the latest technologies in the armaments world.

One of the best things about the AR15 is its ability to be customized. There are many different ways to build it and there are almost unlimited ways to make yours unique. Bob and I are always on the lookout for new items to add to our AR15s with. This means that we have acquired numerous gun parts for our weapons. Another thing we have in common is our use of a website called brownells.

This site has nearly every part you can imagine. They carry a variety of different brands for numerous makes and models. Bob was able to find a pretty cool AR15 Magazine that is his pride and joy. He has promised to let me try it out the next time we shoot together. I’m glad to have found a friend who shares the same interests as me. It’s really relaxing to while away the hours enjoying the hobby we love.

It’s all about online

One thing I really dislike doing is going to the mall. I don’t like to fight the traffic, nor do I like walking 20 miles to get to the stores I want. That’s why I started to shop online whenever possible. Luckily, I found a site I like called zappos They have a great selection of the top brands we enjoy.

I had decided that I needed some new Shirts. Rather than go to the mall, I ordered them from Zappos. I like the fact that they have a 365 day return policy and free shipping that makes it an easy choice. Another thing I like is that I can get the kids something as well. When the weather was cold, I got my daughter some of the Jackets and Coats that were available.

I also do a little shopping for my son from time to time. He is always in need of Jeans because he ruins every pair he has. It’s no problem to order him some new ones to replace the ones he has. No matter how you look at it, it’s a good deal. I don’t have to go to the mall and I save a little money as well.

Food and more Food

One thing I’ve noticed lately is the amount of food we are going through each week. The kids are teenagers now and seem to have bottomless pits for stomachs. They are eating me out of house and home! I was surprised to learn that we were spending so much on food and I am thinking of ways to save on the things we buy.

I have always used coupons and tried to compare before I buy. It seems that nowadays that is more important than ever. I have taken to buying in bulk at the local Sam’s Club and trying to find good deals wherever I can. I am also thinking about trying to get the kids to invite themselves over to other people’s houses for dinner. This may be the only answer to our problem!

The Grill

One of our favorite pastimes is to grill outside on the grill. Whether it is chicken, burgers, or dogs, we love to eat this way. When it comes to burgers and dogs, I am always the chef. My wife takes care of the chicken whenever we decide to have that. The kids love to eat out as they are guaranteed a quick hot meal that tastes good.

It is also a great way to save money. We usually buy in bulk and will cook a large amount of food while we have it out. It is easy enough to put some away for later for another meal or just to snack on. Either way, I love to grill out and keep the family together for some quality time!

Hayfever season

Had to go to the pharmacy today to buy some allergy medicine. What a huge pain in the neck it is to have to go to the counter and present your driver’s license and ask permission to buy allergy medicine! They have to put your name and address and license number and gender and phone number in their database, and then they will only allow you to buy a certain allotment per month. And that allotment is NOT enough to get you through the month! So for a few days of the month your life will be miserable. What a huge pain this is, and all because some meth heads use this kind of medicine to make their illegal drugs. What is even more annoying is knowing that they also use drain cleaner and water softener salt to make their drugs, but you don’t have to register to buy THOSE products (yet!)