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Posted by J L on April 13, 2014
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Good deeds are hard to come by nowadays but I heard of a good one today. It seems that a large corporation donated many items to a local Goodwill store in Miami. Workers at the store realized that one of the items donated was worth quite a bit of money. A bronze statue weighing 2 ½ tons of a ballerina by sculpture Sterett Gittings Kelsey was reported to be worth nearly $500,000.

The good deed was that the store notified the recent owners of the stature and told them the worth of the statue. The Goodwill store thought that it wouldn’t be right to take advantage of this particular situation. I applaud their actions and hope that everyone will learn a lesson from this great example.

A Great Band!

Posted by J L on April 7, 2014
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Once in awhile I’ll take my sweetie for a night on the town. Since it had been a long week, we decided to step out and blow off some steam. I took her to a local bar that has a good reputation. We had a few drinks while the band was warming up and were surprised at how good they were. After a few songs, we decided to dance and were soon having a great time. They played all the great songs that we love.

The night passed quickly and we couldn’t believe it was time to go already. When the last song played we sat down to rest for a while before going home. We both agreed that it was one of the best times that we’ve had in a long while! I think we’ll go out more often from now on!

Thanks for the guest post by Mark Summers:

Despite many necessary precautions taken at the workplace, unfortunately, it still remains one of the most common places where workers sustain injury. These injuries can be of various types and of varying degree of severity. While all of the injuries come with their share of physical and emotional trauma, there is hardly anything else that matches the severity of a spinal cord or brain injury.

These types of injuries are often a life changing experience, if not fatal. The injured might need extensive care, therapies, and life adjustments even to accommodate the apparently simple tasks of daily life. Apart from the thousands of adjustments, this might also require a house and a car specially equipped for the changed needs of the injured person.

Various situations at the workplace may cause an injury to the brain. These include, but are not limited to, falling from heights, falling from ladders, scaffolding, through a skylight, use of faulty equipment, and the likes. These kinds of injuries are very common in industries and construction sites.

However, these can take place at workplace situations beyond these few examples. There are instances when the scaffolding platforms were constructed using faulty bolts, which led to workers falling from great heights and injuring their brains.

Just like the different types of environments that might cause brain injury, the symptoms suffered might also vary. This might include anything from headaches, dizziness, and cognitive problems to even paralysis. Depression and memory loss are often the manifested psychological effects of a brain injury. Depending upon the severity of the injuries, a brain injury victim might even have to depend upon someone’s care for the entire life.

When an accident of severe degree hits, a compensation claim might be the last thing on the mind of the injured or the concerned family members. However, filing a brain injury compensation claim is important in order to ensure that the person gets all the care that he or she deserves. Experienced personal injury solicitors would be able to give you an idea about the amount of claim that is necessary in order to ease the financial burden off the shoulders of the victim and the family members.

Sometimes, people are reluctant to pursue a claim. Often, when the injuries are not very severe and when there is a chance that the worker might return to work, they feel that filing a claim might impact their professional relationship negatively.

Some are even worried about losing the job. However, the law protects a worker against any such discrimination. Moreover, the employer is also protected by his liability insurance, which in all likelihood would safeguard his personal financial loss.

Like any other claim a brain injury sustained at the workplace is time sensitive. It is better to get in touch with experienced solicitors like those at the Priority Legal as soon as you can. This will help in beginning the process quickly and will lead to securing the claim faster.

Check out The Brain Injury Social Work Group for a network of people dedicated to helping with brain injuries.

Mark Summers is a legal specialist who writes for Priority Legal. You can find Mark here on Google Plus. Please add him to your circles.

Looking for a new guitar

Posted by J L on March 20, 2014
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Stu told me that his parents promised him a new guitar as a graduation gift when he finishes high school. He is a junior this year, but he is already looking for the one that he wants to ask his parents to purchase for him. He knows they have a budget, and he is trying to stick to their budget. He was asking me for advice on where he could find the best Ibanez selection. I suggested that he try to Google the phrase Ibanez guitars and see what happens.

That darn dog

Posted by J L on March 14, 2014
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If there is one thing that annoys the heck out of me is my nephew’s dumb dog. Or maybe I should correct that to say that my nephew annoys the heck out of me. Perhaps both. But here’s the deal – Travis came over with his big old mutt that has not been socialized or housebroken. The dog is Trouble is a capital “T.” Every time Travis comes over, he brings that dog with him, and before I even realize that they are here that big old mutt is running through the house, terrorizing our pets, and relieving himself on whatever he wants to “mark” with his scent.

This time, to make matters worse, the dog started to chew on Jason’s brand new computer printer cable and totally chewed it in half. So now we have to drive into town and buy a new one. Of course Travis won’t consider paying for a replacement cable, he’s too selfish, and too impoverished to boot. I have asked Travis so many times to leave that dog outside, but it just doesn’t seem to sink in. Sometimes I am sure that kid is two sandwiches short of a picnic!