Should You be a Truck Driver Employee or Owner Operator?

There are tons of advantages to choosing truck driving as a career path, including the independence, the opportunity to see all parts of the country, and the great pay. But have you ever contemplated the choice between being a truck driver employee versus an owner operator? Here are some points to consider to identify which avenue is best for you.

Employee Truck Driver

Being a truck driver employee has plenty of benefits. Perhaps one of the biggest is the fact that you don’t have to find your own work. The organization that you work for will find the work for you, then pay you to do it. You are able to use their truck, so you don’t have to buy it, and pay for the maintenance and insurance that goes along with it. You can get benefits along with regular pay, including paid sick time, vacation time, and health insurance.

Owner Operator

Not everyone wants to work for another, and instead prefer to be their own boss. In this case, becoming an owner operator may be the better option. With this career path, you’ll own your own big rig and secure your own work. Of course, you’ll have much more financial responsibility compared to a truck driver employee, including your own maintenance costs, insurance expenses, and fuel expenses. However, being your own boss can be very rewarding and flexible.

Finding Jobs

Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll always find it relatively easy to find employee and owner operator jobs. The trucking industry is a lucrative one, and is a job that’s always needed and in demand. As such, you’ll have a great deal of job security which should give you greta peace of mind knowing that you’ll never become obsolete.

Got my business cards today

Well they delivered my new business cards today and they look great.  I am very pleased with their work.  The cards are not real thin and flimsy like a lot of them you get at a discount rate. They look like I spent a lot of money on them but I didn’t.  That’s the best part.

I have gone around to a lot of places that will let you put your business cards up to try and drum up business like laundry mats, and small local hardware stores.  I hope they bring in some business for me.  I’m not finished with the jobs I have already but it’s nice to have stuff lined up for a couple weeks ahead.

I needed some business cards

When I was at my neighbors over the Labor Day holiday and everyone was looking at the work I had done for them. lots of people kept asking for my business card.  I didn’t have any and realized I needed to get some.  I checked with some local printers but they wanted a small fortune for just a hundred business cards with nothing but my name, address and phone number basically.  Oh sure I could pick the style of the letters but no pictures or anything like that.  Those cost extra, a lot extra.

Well I started trying to find business cards online and came across a great site to purchase business cards.  They had all kinds of things you could put on the cards like hammers or a level, you know, carpentry tools.  They even had one that was a guy with a tool box.  That’s the one I picked out.  Now get this, you design your own business card or they will design one for you if you like, send you an email with what they have come up with and you can tell them what you want changed if anything.

The best part is I can get 1,000 business cards for what my local print shop would charge me for 250.  They use quality paper just like the print shop and are as good if not better quality.  I ordered some and they should be here in about 2 more days.  Now I’ll be ready the next time someone wants a business card.

Great riding day

Today was a great day for a ride. The weather was perfect, and my wife told me that my “honey-do list” could wait. I guess she felt sorry for the way I was looking at my bike. It didn’t take much arm-twisting, I was off like a shot! There were a lot of other bikes on the road, and it felt good to be “one of them” instead of just watching them go by! I hope we continue to have good weather like this, I love to ride when I get the chance!

The 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July everybody! Today we celebrate our independence from the English with parades, cookouts, and fireworks! I can’t wait to see the fireworks tonight as they are supposed to be fantastic! I love a good display and the big bangs that explode in the sky! The kids are excited and ready to go see the big show. I’ll be ready to take them and I’m sure we’ll have a great time!