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How To Avoid The Friend Zone

There are a lot of different ways that you can attract and date women. You can avoid getting into the friend zone by focusing on a variety of different elements overall. If your goal is to learn how to avoid the friend zone, then you will need to focus on several simple tips that work. The following will help you gain the upper hand in any situation. If you are going to actually get women to leave you outside of the friend zone, then here you go, the best thing that you can do to get moving forward when you’re learning how to avoid the friend zone.

Do Not Act Like Her Other Friends

You need to be able to be her friend, but not in the same way that other friends are. You need to separate the relationship that you have in a certain manner. Talk to her about her dreams, where she wants to go, where she wants to visit, and things along those lines. Now, when you’re discussing things with her, drop hints about going to places together, and perhaps explore being more than friends. Sometimes, just dropping hints will get her thinking, and eventually will help you gain the goal of existing the friend zone. You cannot learn how to avoid the friend zone, if you act like her other friends.

Touch Her In Subtle Ways

Give her attention as more than a friend. Reach for her hand when things are a bit dangerous, open doors for her, and be affectionate lightly. You want to make sure that she feels your touch, when it feels natural. The best way to do this, is to make sure that you are attentive to being a gentleman at all times. You don’t want to overdo this, or even overthink it. If you overthink this, you’ll seem desperate and you’ll go the wrong way. Touch her as a gentleman, looking to help her with simple things, and she’ll pick up on it as you commence learning how to avoid the friend zone.

Ask Her Out (Just Do It)

After you have been friends for a short span, the next thing is simple, ask her out. That’s right, you need to ask her out. Making sure that ask her out will clearly define what you want, and what women will want overall. You will not be able to go forward without this. You need to make sure that you ask her out and make sure to say that it’d be a date, not just as friends. Then woo her with this preliminary step forward in learning how to avoid the friend zone.


How To Talk To Girls On Facebook


Facebook has billions of people on it. If you have ever run into profiles of girls that you wanted to talk to, but didn’t, you’re not alone. Millions of men see amazing, beautiful women, and get lost in the shuffle. Don’t worry, there are a few things that you can do to talk to them and even move forward. If you want to learn how to talk to girls on Facebook, you just need to know a few secrets. These secrets will help you out.

Befriending Women

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are looking at a real woman and not a bot. There are a lot of bots on the social media site right now. So many that you may get trapped into a spam box. You don’t want to befriend others that are bots. So double check to see if they are in fact real. Once you befriend them, make sure that you comment, like, and share their posts. This is the first thing that you need to do. If you do not do this, you will come across as a real stranger. You don’t want to be a lurker, but rather be a part of the social aspect of the site. Figuring out how to talk to girls on Facebook is not complex, you just have to be social.

Say Hello From Time To Time

One of the best things that you can do when you’re trying to work on learning how to talk to girls on Facebook is to make sure that you say hello. Say hi, and just be honest, and sanguine. Say that you really think that they have great posts and pictures. Tell them that they seem like a cool, unique individual, and that you’d be interested in chatting sometime. If they don’t want to, they will tell you. Most often, you’ll find that if you’re commenting, liking, and being friendly with their profile, they’ll be open to talking. Focusing on how to talk to girls on Facebook is not tough, if you know the secrets.

Don’t Push The Issue

Here’s the ultimate secret, and it’s going to be tough when trying to figure out how to talk to girls on Facebook, don’t push them. If they don’t want to talk, if they don’t respond right away, or you just can’t seem to get more than a hello from them, move on. There are billions of people on Facebook, don’t focus on just one person. Over time, if you’re nice, and friendly, you’ll be chatting up girls left and right on Facebook. Just be patient overall.


How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar


Have you ever been in a bar and seen a lot of women you’d love to talk to? Most men have, and they just don’t go home with any of them. If your goal is to meet women of all types, then you should definitely look into learning how to pick up girls at a bar. There are a few things that you can do to hedge your bets in this regards. In order to get moving forward, you first need to stop worrying about rejection, and follow a few steps that can help you make sense of how to pick up girls at a bar.

Look For Girls In Groups

If you see a lot of girls in groups, you will be able to talk to them. Step up to them, and just say hello. Offer to buy them all drinks if they are single. You will find that if they are single, they’ll accept, and one of them will most likely be friendly and will talk to you. That’s one of the easiest ways to learn how to pick up girls at a bar. If you can do this, with confidence, you will make moves forward.

Bet A Girl Something

Look up bar bets online. Seriously, look for bets that you can place in a bar, and then step up to a woman that you like and bet her. You should practice the solution at home so that when you do this, you actually win. Once you do this, you will not only get a smile and a laugh from a girl, but you will also be able to pick up any girl at any bar. Figuring out how to pick up girls at a bar without having something to say is tough. However, you can definitely learn if you just learn a few bets.

Buying Drinks

One of the tried and true ways that you can learn how to pick up girls at a bar is to buy drinks. When you’re in the bar, get ready to ask if you can buy drinks for different women. This will pay off more often than it will not. There are some that don’t like this approach, but chances are that you will win big if you’re generous. Just don’t go around doing this across the bar, and focus on just girls that are single and that are interested. To figure out how to pick up girls, simply go to a bar and see if anyone is alone. If they are, ask them if you can buy them a drink, and if they agree, you’re in.


Online Dating As a Form of Therapy


Sounds pretty absurd, doesn’t it? But what if you turned this idea on its head? What if instead of seeing online dating as an obstacle, you used it as an opportunity?

Dating Can Feel Hopeless

Any of us who’ve ever used online dating to find a relationship know that it can be both frustrating and overwhelming to try and sift through the endless other people out there searching.

First, the weird profiles. Then, the disappointing dates. Sometimes, you even end up with what you feel like is a great date but then he never calls again or it fizzles after a while or maybe you even considered it a relationship but now it’s over.

So, you give up. “Forget it,” you tell yourself. “Online dating is not working. It’s never gonna work. I’ll be alone the rest of my life.”

Doesn’t that sound so familiar? Any of us who’ve experienced dating online have definitely been there.

Dating as Therapy

But just as therapy gives people tools to help them relieve or heal a disorder, so too can the process of dating (when done in the right manner) be a tool to help you work through your pain of past relationships and fears of ‘never finding the one.’

With the right guidance, I’m telling you it’s not only possible to find what you are looking for, but the process to get there can feel a whole lot less hopeless and frustrating.

In fact, you may even enjoy yourself, and gain ever more confidence through it.

But How?

The key is to first determine what it is you’re truly looking for. Next, figure out what patterns of situation have been showing up frequently, and what the biggest challenges have been.

Once you identify these two items, you will be able to be more honest with yourself about your observations of potential partners.

Working on yourself, focusing on yourself, and creating boundaries around yourself will allow you to navigate online dating in a much more freeing way.

It sounds harder than it is, but actually, what you’re doing is simply narrowing your focus only on people who are potential candidates for a fantastic committed relationship, instead of blindly choosing someone based on looks, similar interests, or income levels.

It Is Possible!

When I figured out what I was doing in my dating life that was not serving me, suddenly the hope and possibility of a fantastic committed relationship became real.

Through this new perspective it was like I looked around and realized that my fears were not reality at all! I had potential suitors coming in from all directions, and now it was my job to choose from them.

And over time, the potential candidates to choose from went from weird creepy guys to attractive fellows with admirable and interesting qualities.

I enjoyed many a date with many different men, but more importantly was enamored with my own life the entire time.

This allowed me to open up to someone whom I may have either dismissed unknowingly before, or whom I’d have never come across because I’d given up on dating, but who has since become someone with whom I’m sharing a loving and committed relationship.

I believe that anyone who’s willing to examine more closely what is happening in her life, take the steps to improve her situation, and remain committed to herself throughout the process, can have what she is looking for.


Find Good Dating Site

With dating online continuing to get popular among singles, many are still wondering what sites are best to join. This is especially considering that it is no longer a secret that there are sites that are not genuine and are only structured to defraud users. When your mind is made up and you want to join a dating site, it is very important that you sign up with a site that has your best interests at heart. But what really makes a good dating site?

  1. Reasonable Rates
    The truth is that not many dating sites offer the services for free. Sure, you will be able to access a good portion of the site free of charge when you sign up, but you might need to pay a fee to have certain important features unlocked for you. This is acceptable, but you should never be charged heftily for such. Look at the fees and make comparisons so you know when you are being overcharged. Stick to a dating site that has reasonable fee terms and be sure to make comparisons so you are able to tell a site that is being greedy.
  2. Impressive Member Base
    You will never find your ideal partner if you join a site that has just a bunch of singles as members. A good site should boast an impressive member base to give you confidence that you will find your partner within the masses. When looking at the number of members, you should remember that they ought to be active to make the difference. A site that has thousands of singles, but only a few tens are active will not do you much so at least look at membership in terms of how many of these singles are actually active.
  3. Reliable Security Measures
    Fraud is a reality, even online so ask yourself what measures the site has in place to reassure you your transactions are safe and secure. Still on security, what measures does the site have or how are the singles sieved to ensure that only genuine and real ones join the site? A good dating site should have a security system or procedure that is used to ensure that all users are protected from people who join the sites with ill motives. Never join a dating site if you are not very sure about your safety and security.
  4. Ease Of Use
    Only a good dating site will make navigation easy for users. Apart from easily finding your way within the site when uploading photos or putting up your online profile, the searching process should be made easy for you. There are those that match you automatically with singles you are most compatible with using information you have in your profile and others will make it possible for you to narrow down your search using your own preferences such as age and profession among others. Choose a site that will give you a pleasant user experience by looking at the features made available to you.

Find Love After On Dating Sites

For most people who are over the age of 30, the concept of dating can be somewhat nerve-wracking. For others, the prospect of getting back into dating is often tiresome. But thanks to the following tips, you can find love after using dating sites. Read on to learn more about the best ways to get the most out of your online dating experience.

  1. Be Confident
    Let’s face it, no one wants to date a person with zero self-confidence or a person who needs constant reassurance. If you are the type of person who has difficulty maintaining self-esteem, online dating might not be the choice for you. There is no reason why you should not feel great about yourself and those who know how to handle the inevitable rejections and failed connections that will take place without beating themselves up are the ones who are able to fully enjoy the world of online dating.
  2. Know Yourself
    How can you pursue a relationship with someone else when you are not truly in touch with yourself? It is important to know yourself and have a strong idea of what you want before wading into the over 50 dating pool. Do you want a serious relationship where marriage is the ultimate objective or are you seeking something a little more casual? Don’t waste the time for the people you converse with by not knowing what you actually want.
  3. Understanding The Opposite Sex
    By the time you are 50, we should all have a strong understanding of how to talk to the opposite sex. Men, that means that she probably does not want to hear about your beer drinking escapades with your buddies or get a play of last night’s ball game. Ladies, this means that you do not need to tell him about your feminine problems or subject him to idle gossip. If you’re sharing stories with the person that are better suited for your friends, this is a bad sign right off the bat.
  4. Lose The Stodginess
    Spoiler alert: no one cares how people used to date “back in your day”. It is all about the here and now and while things might have been different when you were younger, there are very few people who will want any part of your reminiscing about the good old days. If you find yourself living in the past too much during conversations, this is a habit that you will want to get rid of as quickly as possible to increase your chances of finding love.
  5. Make a Quality Profil
    A quality profile consists of a recent picture (i.e. one that was taken in the last six months) and some key information about ourselves. It is not a place for scantily clad photos or muscle man poses. Look at your profile as a chance to tell your story and draw people in and consider it your elevator pitch. The objective should be to tell your story in the least amount of words possible. Being concise is a major key.
  6. Take Time To Read
    Once you’ve made a good profile, you’ll have a much better idea of what one should look like. Taking the time to actually read a profile instead of skimming for the pictures is important. Those who find quality matches online look beyond the superficial and read what the person has to say about themselves before sending a message. Paying attention to what the person has to say during the early stages makes the “getting to know you” phase go more smoothly.
  7. Don’t Have a Checklist
    There is no perfect person who will check every single box on your list and waiting for this person to show up is a fool’s errand. Look to meet new and interesting folks and don’t worry about making sure they meet up to every single standard you have. By focusing on the things that you can control (such as your own level of attentiveness), you will find that the ride is much less bumpy.
  8. Steer Clear of “Types”
    Having a “type” is a myth and those of us who know people in long-term relationships are well aware of just how silly these labels can be. Do not judge a book by its cover, take the chance to get to know the person. Those who are willing to date around a bit and meet people who are not their exact type can often find love in the most unexpected places, so don’t miss out on your chance to do just that. Otherwise, you may end up falling into a rut.
  9. Be Patient
    The chances of you meeting the person you will fall in love on the first try are quite slim, so you will need to be patient and dedicated to the process. To find love after 50 on dating sites, you have to maintain the same level of effort, even when things seem to be their most dire. Those who are not ready to get back on the horse when they fall off experience the most difficulty in finding love.
  10. Confide In Loved Ones
    If you have close friends and family in your corner, be sure to confide in them about your dating issues. Having a sounding board to use makes a world of difference when it comes to handling the pressures and annoyances of the dating world. When you are having problems, speak to those who care about you the most, so that they can provide the listening ear you need.